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Something that many of us aspire to do at some stage in our lives.¬†¬† Opening a coffee shop / starting a coffee shop is often seen as a great way to spend your early retirement.¬† It may look easy on the surface but the reality isn’t always as you might expect.

This is why at Caffe & Co. we will go into great depth about how to start a coffee shop and how to run it, because, after all we have done it and have been very successful.

We won’t just tell you what we think you want to know, we will tell you what you ought to know so you have the best chance of success.¬† We are a working coffee shop, so you will see first hand what we do.¬† The training takes place whilst we are open.¬† For more details about our how to open a coffee shop / caf√© course take a look at our website for more information including pricing.

Here at Caffe & Co. we have been providing barista training courses for approximately 18 months now to those wanting to become barista, to those who simply would like to make better espresso at home using their domestic machines and also to those wishing to open a coffee shop themselves.

What we have found in this time is that those people who are looking to open a coffee shop are largely looking for a course that is much more comprehensive in helping them actually set the coffee¬†business up.¬† Well we have created a bespoke comprehensive training “How to start a coffee shop“, “Opening a coffee shop“, “Starting a coffee shop“.¬† The course includes barista training as standard.

The course is a full day and a half in duration or can even be completed in a full day / evening 9am-9pm!

See more information at

A coffee shop is a huge growth sector.

The Coffee Shop market has grown 9% during 2009. The coffee shop business has been less affected by the economic downturn than by most other businesses.

With 3000 outlets in the UK in 2007, the coffee shop market is a long way off saturation with the market set to double in the next decade through to 2017.

A survey of more than 6,300 people by Allegra Strategies revealed that consumers are visiting branded coffee chains more frequently than ever before and 11 million now visited a coffee shop at least once a week.

It is worth noting first of all that the heaviest drinkers of speciality coffee are aged 25-45 (Business Week Magazine);

Of a 1000 sample of 25-45 year olds, other stats include; 

24% drink 13 cups of coffee or more each week.

34% go to premium places like Starbucks when they get coffee out.

26% said they drink specialty coffee drinks, showing an overlap. Some traditional coffee drinkers see specialty brews as a treat instead of a habit.

57% said they would not forego Starbucks even if they could make the same thing at home, indicating that the experience of going to a café is definitely a major factor in addition to the drink itself.

77% have a home-brewing machine and of that number, 89% have a traditional drip coffeemaker while the remainder have something pricier that makes specialty coffees and espressos.

It is also being recognised that independent coffee shops are becoming an increasingly popular option as an alternative to the main High St chains as they tend to offer better, more specialist coffee as opposed to the large / oversized mugs and weaker coffees. 

The traditional coffee shop blue print of quick, pre-prepared snacks is also being challenged allowing the customer choice and quality eating options with their coffee.

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