Caffè & Co.
Artisan Coffee Shop, Tea Rooms & Ice Cream Bar

Good cafes in St Helens are few and far between yet all have their place.  There is nothing wrong with the old greasy spoon cafe, each has it’s own market and we are the last to criticise anyone.

But if you are on the look out for a really good cafe in St Helens, and like to venture out for breakfast, lunch or even just a coffee then take a trip down to Caffe & Co. in Rainhill Village.  Ok so strictly speaking it isn’t exactly ‘St Helens’ but it’s only a stones throw and is very accessible from anywhere being on the rail and bus routes to and from St Helens and Liverpool with stops directly outside the door.

Get the train to Rainhill railway station or catch the number 10a bus from St Helens and Caffe & Co. is just across the bridge.

Location: Caffè & Co. Limited | 8 Dane Court | Rainhill | Prescot | L35 4LU - How To Find Us

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