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Looking for North West barista training courses?

Caffe & Co. is a speciality coffee shop and barista training school situated between Liverpool and Manchester.

We are an SCAE member (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).  We are SCAE accredited (to date) in the Introduction of Coffee, Barista Foundation and Barista Intermediate levels.

We provide barista training courses to SCAE standard in the Introduction to Coffee, Fundamentals of Espresso & Barista Basics (Foundation) and The Advanced Barista (Intermediate-Advanced).

We also run a¬†one and¬†half day ¬†“How to Open a Coffee Shop” Course which we run in our working coffee shop.


With the costs of going to university rising, increasingly, students are looking to work in local coffee shops as Baristas to help fund their studies, living expenses and of course their social life.

With the huge growth in coffee shops, especially so in university towns and cities, it makes even more sense to start looking at coffee shops as sources of employment.

Historically the obvious first choices would have been Costa, Nero and Starbucks, but the massive growth in independent coffee shops over the past few years has made them much more prominent.

If you know your coffee, you will know the difference between a mainstream High St chain store and a good independent.

Working as a barista may look like an easy and fun job.¬† It is most definitely fun but it certainly isn’t easy!¬† If you are serious about this then you need to seek barista training as no training means terrible coffee, it’s that simple.

Apply for a barista job in a coffee shop and there is likely to be lots of others thinking the same thing so what will make you stand out from the rest?….exactly,… training.¬† Not necessarily work experience, but training.¬† Work experience, may not necessarily be¬†a requirement and in many instances, independent coffee shops¬†are looking for training and perhaps experience in another good independent, but experience in a chain may not necessarily seen as an advantage.

Caffe & Co. is an independent coffee shop in Liverpool area (Rainhill, Prescot, St Helens).¬† Established in 2011, not only does it serve speciality coffee, it is also a barista training centre / barista training course centre / barista training school.¬† In addition to barista training courses, it also provides business services to those¬†considering¬†opening a coffee shop with its “How to start a coffee shop” training course.¬† Enquire at Caffe & Co. for barista training day availability.


Caffe & Co. provide barista training in Liverpool / barista training courses in Liverpool.  We are based in the historic village of Rainhill on the outskirts of Liverpool.  Actually located 100m from Rainhill railway station (on the direct line between Liverpool and Manchester) and just 1 mile from J7 M62.

We are unique as we are a working coffee shop.  Our coffee is A1 as our regular customers would testify. So first of all, if you can, why not pop in and try our coffee?

Our course is just 4 hours which gives you a great introduction to espresso and milk texturing.  You will be quite surprised at how intricate it actually is to create great espresso!

We also introduce you to latte art.  For more information about our barista training course visit our website now.


Barista training courses are run weekly at our coffee shop in Rainhill, Prescot, on the outskirts of Liverpool.

You may be looking to find work as a barista in a coffee shop, or looking to simply improve your skills at making coffee / espresso at home, either way we can help you!

Our barista training courses are suitable not only for the above mentioned but also for those

3. Planning to run / open a coffee shop, cafe, deli, pub or restaurant.
4. Who would like to improve their coffee service in an existing coffee shop, cafe, bar, deli, pub or restaurant.
5. Planning a gap year and would like Barista training to facilitate gaining employment in a coffee shop to help fund travels.

Read more about our barista training courses here and read what some of our previous students have to say about the course.

Looking for lunch in Rainhill, lunch in Prescot or lunch in St Helens?  Caffe & Co. on Warrington Road, Rainhill offers a tempting menu of all day English & Irish breakfasts together with a wide range of baguettes, Panini, wraps, sandwiches and traditional French crepes.

Coffee is our speciality at Caffe & Co. as we serve quite possibly the best coffee in the North West.  Our attention to detail is meticulous and indeed we also run regular barista training courses to train people how to make perfect espresso and milk based coffee drinks. Eat in or takeaway.


Looking to work in coffee shop / work as a barista making coffee?

Caffe & Co. provide barista training courses to help you do just that.

You may be looking to work in a local coffee shop or even considering taking a year out from studies and travelling abroad.  When travelling across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, there is no better way to help fund your trip and ongoing expenses than working as a barista.  The skills you will learn on our barista training course are easily transferable to work anywhere in the world.

We can even provide you with a professional certificate to show that you have successfully completed the training course giving you the edge when applying for jobs in coffee shops as you can add the details to your CV. Enquire now

Caffe & Co. have recently been asked to provide Barista training to level 2 & 3 Catering students at West Cheshire College in Ellesmere Port.

Barista skills / barista training is increasingly becoming recognised as an essential component for catering students, hence it’s recent incorporation into the course.

Many restaurants utilise super automatic espresso machines for their coffee beverages or, where they do use semi / fully automatic machines, more often than not, staff receive minimal or any relevant training on it’s use thus resulting in poor coffee.

‘The Dining Room’ at West Cheshire College¬†is a fine dining restaurant serving outstanding cuisine, and now they are also able to serve outstanding coffee with their recently acquired barista training course from Caffe & Co.

Eating out is an experience that the majority of people partake in, for coffee lovers, the coffee afterwards is part of that experience.  It stands to reason therefore that coffee lovers will typically go to eat where great coffee is also served.  For information on barista training courses whether for domestic pleasure purposes or commercial reasons, contact us now or get more information here.

For a unique birthday present or Christmas present for the coffee lover, why not treat them to one of the perfect coffee lover gift ideas?

A barista training course makes the ideal gift experience for the coffee lover.  Whether they simply frequent coffee shops, use their own domestic coffee maker at home, would like to work in a coffee shop or perhaps even just want to work in coffee shops to help fund themselves through a gap year travelling, a barista training course is great fun!

We have a number of different training courses to suit different needs, so take a look here for more information.

Barista training courses are now available at Caffe & Co.

If you love coffee and would like the opportunity to learn more about espresso then why not try a short introductory course where you will pick up all you need to know to make much better coffee at home using your own domestic machine.

You may be interested in becoming a Barista, or perhaps you are considering a year out travelling and would like to have Barista training experience on your CV to enable you to secure employment as a Barista to help fund your travels.  You may simply love coffee and just fancy a bit of fun and better your knowledge.

Read more about our Barista training courses in Merseyside including training dates here

We will be starting Barista training courses very soon.  Our Barista training will be suitable for those;

1. Wishing to become a Barista.

2. Planning to run / open a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant.

3. Who would like to improve their coffee service in an existing coffee shop, bar or restaurant.

4. Planning a gap year and would like Barista training to facilitate gaining employment in a coffee shop.

5. Who simply love coffee and would like to learn more and be able to make great coffee at home!

More information regarding Barista training Liverpool, Barista training in St Helens, coffee Barista training, Barista training Manchester will be released shortly. In the meantime please register your interest here and you will be contacted again with more information.

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