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Looking to work in coffee shop / work as a barista making coffee?

Caffe & Co. provide barista training courses to help you do just that.

You may be looking to work in a local coffee shop or even considering taking a year out from studies and travelling abroad.  When travelling across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, there is no better way to help fund your trip and ongoing expenses than working as a barista.  The skills you will learn on our barista training course are easily transferable to work anywhere in the world.

We can even provide you with a professional certificate to show that you have successfully completed the training course giving you the edge when applying for jobs in coffee shops as you can add the details to your CV. Enquire now

Considering going on a gap year?  Possibly the most important factor to consider for most people when contemplating a gap year is how to fund it.

Ok so you may be able to scrape together the flight cost and a few pounds to tide you over for the first weeks but for most people it is inevitable that a job of some description will be needed pretty soon to fund on going travels (on going travel / flight costs / accommodation / food / clothing and of course money for socialising and fun!

What better way to work yourself around the world than working in a coffee shop as a Barista?

Think about it…a coffee shop is generally the central hub of any community, a great place to meet people and socialise, find out about the locality and get hints and tips finding other like minded people along the way.

Coffee shops have seen phenominal growth in recent years and working in a coffee shop as a Barista is seen as quite a cool job to have.

It is fair to say that virtually every major city and many large towns have a thriving independent coffee shop scene.  This is quite evident in the more popular gap year destinations of Australia & New Zealand where the independent coffee scene has been established for some time. 

Learn to be a Barista at Caffe & Co. just on the outskirts of Liverpool and on the direct rail link between Manchester and Liverpool. We have Barista training courses at different levels at affordable prices. Certificates are provided on completion of the course and additional real work experience is available in situ at Caffe & Co. to suit your requirements.  Read more here about year out work as a Barista.

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