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Coffee training courses are held at Caffe & Co. serving the North West including Liverpool, Chester, Wirral, North Wales.

SCA coffee training school, Caffe & Co. has been training specialty coffee since 2012.

SCA Coffee Diploma holder Neil currently teaches SCA Introduction to Coffee, SCA Barista Skills and SCA Sensory Skills, with SCA Brewing Skills to follow in Summer 2018.

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Gain your SCA coffee training at Caffe & Co., and train using the new La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine and the Victoria Arduino Mythos One Climapro coffee grinder.  Together with lots of other equipment and a wide selection of amazing premium grade coffee beans, we will ensure that you receive the best, most up to date specialty coffee training.

Caffe & Co. was established in 2011 in Rainhill on the outskirts of Liverpool.

In 2012, we started our Coffee Training School providing training in Specialty coffee.

Now, in 2017, we are an official authorised trainer for the SCA / SCAE Speciality Coffee Association.

We have created a new dedicated coffee training lab which allows us to provide training courses day & night!

We have all new equipment to ensure our students learn on the best, most up to date equipment including La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Mahlkonig and VST.

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Why train with Caffe & Co.?

  • We are a speciality coffee shop.
  • We are members of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe). Now the SCA.
  • We are SCA trained to Professional level.
  • An Authorised SCA Trainer will train you.
  • We have a dedicated coffee training lab.
  • You have the opportunity of having your practical training accredited under the SCA Coffee Diploma providing you with an internationally recognised professional qualification and certificate.
  • We are an actual successful working coffee shop, not just a business consultancy.
  • We have been training speciality coffee since 2012.
  • We do not want to sell you anything else such as coffee and coffee equipment although we can advise you.
  • We use high grade speciality coffee and always have a huge selection / variety of coffee beans from around the world
  • We offer the best barista training tailored to todays fast moving speciality coffee market.
  • We will give you the best, honest advice if starting a coffee shop as we don’t need / want you to buy anything else from us and we want you to succeed.
  • We are very accessible, just 1 mile from J7 M62 and 100m from Rainhill railway station which is on the Manchester – Liverpool line.
  • We are just 10 miles from Liverpool John Lennon airport.
  • We are flexible in terms of training dates and offer training day or night to suit.
  • We provide lunch inclusive with all full day courses.
  • We are friendly and down to earth!
  • You will drink lots of coffee, we promise you will learn lots and most importantly you WILL have FUN!


We will very shortly be in a position to offer SCA Specialty Coffee Association accredited barista training courses(formerly known as the SCAE, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).

We have been one of the major providers of barista training courses in the North West, offering Speciality Coffee training since 2012.

We are SCAE trained to Professional level and will soon be offering our barista training courses with accreditation from the SCA.

Learn how to create expertly textured milk and latte art / coffee art on our latte art training courses at Caffe & Co.  We have been offering barista training courses since 2012.

An SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) member, and SCAE trained, we were one of the first speciality coffee shops in the North West, established in 2011.

We create latte art on all our coffee, not just on the latte.  We will teach you how to texture the milk effectively and how to free pour cappuccino, flat white and latte.  Of course consistency and perfection only comes with practice so this is the starting point.  Read more and book onto our latte art training course.

Looking for North West barista training courses?

Caffe & Co. is a speciality coffee shop and barista training school situated between Liverpool and Manchester.

We are an SCAE member (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).  We are SCAE accredited (to date) in the Introduction of Coffee, Barista Foundation and Barista Intermediate levels.

We provide barista training courses to SCAE standard in the Introduction to Coffee, Fundamentals of Espresso & Barista Basics (Foundation) and The Advanced Barista (Intermediate-Advanced).

We also run a¬†one and¬†half day ¬†“How to Open a Coffee Shop” Course which we run in our working coffee shop.


With the costs of going to university rising, increasingly, students are looking to work in local coffee shops as Baristas to help fund their studies, living expenses and of course their social life.

With the huge growth in coffee shops, especially so in university towns and cities, it makes even more sense to start looking at coffee shops as sources of employment.

Historically the obvious first choices would have been Costa, Nero and Starbucks, but the massive growth in independent coffee shops over the past few years has made them much more prominent.

If you know your coffee, you will know the difference between a mainstream High St chain store and a good independent.

Working as a barista may look like an easy and fun job.¬† It is most definitely fun but it certainly isn’t easy!¬† If you are serious about this then you need to seek barista training as no training means terrible coffee, it’s that simple.

Apply for a barista job in a coffee shop and there is likely to be lots of others thinking the same thing so what will make you stand out from the rest?….exactly,… training.¬† Not necessarily work experience, but training.¬† Work experience, may not necessarily be¬†a requirement and in many instances, independent coffee shops¬†are looking for training and perhaps experience in another good independent, but experience in a chain may not necessarily seen as an advantage.

Caffe & Co. is an independent coffee shop in Liverpool area (Rainhill, Prescot, St Helens).¬† Established in 2011, not only does it serve speciality coffee, it is also a barista training centre / barista training course centre / barista training school.¬† In addition to barista training courses, it also provides business services to those¬†considering¬†opening a coffee shop with its “How to start a coffee shop” training course.¬† Enquire at Caffe & Co. for barista training day availability.


Many people would love to open a coffee shop.  Nature of the business is that it attracts many like mined people who perhaps who may have been made redundant or have decided that the time is right to move on from traditional employment in favour of running your own little business.

“I’d love a nice little coffee shop where I can bake my own cakes, create my own menu, serve wonderful coffee and chat to regulars and most of all I can be my own boss, work whatever hours I like and have time off when with family when I want to”.¬† This is a common way of thinking and whilst much of this is true and achievable, it doesn’t happen without hard work, determination and most importantly ensuring that you are making lots of well informed decisions in the run up to making that decision to ‘take the plunge’.

Here at Caffè & Co. we have been successfully been trading since 2011.  Each year, our business has developed and grown.  We had no previous experience of the catering business but we did have considerable experience in business management, retail and on and offline marketing as well as the love and passion for great coffee.

We invested in the right coffee equipment and with lots of prior coffee¬†knowledge we used this as a starting point. Great coffee is hard to find despite the plethora of ‘coffee shops’ now available.¬† Quite simply, most coffee shops are still serving shockingly poor coffee, and that includes High St. chains.¬† For me it is always a significant gamble as to whether a coffee will be at least¬†drinkable, and more often than not, it isn’t, yet, I still gamble my ¬£2.50-¬£3 in my need for caffeine.

As our customers very quickly complimented our wonderful coffee, it made sense to start to teach others to do the same.  This is why we decided to offer barista training courses and later we expanded to now also offer how to start a coffee shop training courses.

Barista training courses are 4 hours, How to start a coffee shop training courses (including barista training) are 1 and a half days.

If you are planning to open a coffee shop, barista training is essential if you want to ensure that your coffee has the edge over your competitors and if you want to ensure your customers keep coming back for more. If you have no business experience and are planning to open a coffee shop then the How to start a coffee shop training course is also essential.  Indeed, even if you do have some business experience, albeit not in catering, the course is very insightful and is certain to ensure you start on the right track and potentially save a considerable amount of money that you may otherwise waste.  Contact us to enquire or book.

Caffe & Co. provide barista training in Liverpool / barista training courses in Liverpool.  We are based in the historic village of Rainhill on the outskirts of Liverpool.  Actually located 100m from Rainhill railway station (on the direct line between Liverpool and Manchester) and just 1 mile from J7 M62.

We are unique as we are a working coffee shop.  Our coffee is A1 as our regular customers would testify. So first of all, if you can, why not pop in and try our coffee?

Our course is just 4 hours which gives you a great introduction to espresso and milk texturing.  You will be quite surprised at how intricate it actually is to create great espresso!

We also introduce you to latte art.  For more information about our barista training course visit our website now.


The perfect unusual gift idea this Christmas…buy the coffee lover in your life a barista training course gift voucher.

Our barista training course runs regularly in historic Rainhill village just on the outskirts of Liverpool.

The coffee training course is four hours duration and runs on Sunday late afternoons between 3-7pm or alternatively midweek evenings 5-9pm.

Ideal for those who have an espresso machine at home and would like to get the best from it as well as those who are looking to work in a coffee shop or indeed planning to open a coffee shop.

Location: Caffè & Co. Limited | 8 Dane Court | Rainhill | Prescot | L35 4LU - How To Find Us

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