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Looking for a career change? Considering working in a coffee shop?

In the past six months, we have started to run Barista training courses. If you don’t already know a “barista” is the name given to a person who operates a commercial espresso machine.

The espresso machine operate in various degrees of complexity, and largeley, the traditional semi automatic which you will see in many good coffee shops requires a good level of knowledge and skill to operate it effectively.  Many cafes create disastrous coffee and it is purely the lack of know how, training and equipment that leads to this.

Over the past year, we have been offering barista training courses here at Caffe & Co. These course are aimed at those wanting to gain the experience to work in a caffee shop as a barista as well as those who own a coffee machine at home and simply want to know how to improve their coffee making skills and make better coffee.

In addition to the barista training courses (which are run in our coffee shop in Rainhill near Liverpool, Merseyside), on completion of the Fundamentals and Barista Basics course, a full day work experience in our coffee shop is available.

Anyone completing the barista training course will receive a certificate to show what they have achieved, which of course will contribute to helping you gain employment in a coffee shop over other non experienced applicants.

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