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Caffe & Co. provide barista training in Liverpool / barista training courses in Liverpool.  We are based in the historic village of Rainhill on the outskirts of Liverpool.  Actually located 100m from Rainhill railway station (on the direct line between Liverpool and Manchester) and just 1 mile from J7 M62.

We are unique as we are a working coffee shop.  Our coffee is A1 as our regular customers would testify. So first of all, if you can, why not pop in and try our coffee?

Our course is just 4 hours which gives you a great introduction to espresso and milk texturing.  You will be quite surprised at how intricate it actually is to create great espresso!

We also introduce you to latte art.  For more information about our barista training course visit our website now.


Something that many of us aspire to do at some stage in our lives.¬†¬† Opening a coffee shop / starting a coffee shop is often seen as a great way to spend your early retirement.¬† It may look easy on the surface but the reality isn’t always as you might expect.

This is why at Caffe & Co. we will go into great depth about how to start a coffee shop and how to run it, because, after all we have done it and have been very successful.

We won’t just tell you what we think you want to know, we will tell you what you ought to know so you have the best chance of success.¬† We are a working coffee shop, so you will see first hand what we do.¬† The training takes place whilst we are open.¬† For more details about our how to open a coffee shop / caf√© course take a look at our website for more information including pricing.

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