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Caffe & Co is now an authorised SCAE coffee trainer.  The SCAE has recently unified with the SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America.

A range of the accredited coffee training courses that we offer can be found here

We are now authorised as an SCA Trainer (Specialty Coffee Association), formerly the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).

Available now to book online are the following SCA coffee training courses which may be completed with or without SCA accreditation.

SCA Introduction to Coffee

SCA Barista Skills Foundation

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

SCA Barista Skills Professional

At Caffe & Co, we have been offering coffee training courses since 2012 being one of the leading specialty coffee training schools in the North West covering Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.

We also run our very successful How to Open a Coffee Shop training course which includes the SCA Introduction to Coffee and the SCA Barista Skills Foundation practical modules.

More information about the SCA Coffee Diploma.

More information about each of our SCA Coffee training courses.


We will very shortly be in a position to offer SCA Specialty Coffee Association accredited barista training courses(formerly known as the SCAE, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).

We have been one of the major providers of barista training courses in the North West, offering Speciality Coffee training since 2012.

We are SCAE trained to Professional level and will soon be offering our barista training courses with accreditation from the SCA.

Learn how to create expertly textured milk and latte art / coffee art on our latte art training courses at Caffe & Co.  We have been offering barista training courses since 2012.

An SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) member, and SCAE trained, we were one of the first speciality coffee shops in the North West, established in 2011.

We create latte art on all our coffee, not just on the latte.  We will teach you how to texture the milk effectively and how to free pour cappuccino, flat white and latte.  Of course consistency and perfection only comes with practice so this is the starting point.  Read more and book onto our latte art training course.

A new micropub has opened in Rainhill РThe Skewbridge Alehouse in Dane Court is directly opposite us.  Name after the historical Skewbridge which crosses the railway at an angle, it was the first of its kind in the world!

The Skewbridge Alehouse serves a wide range of locally sourced ales together with ciders, pilsner and wine.


Coffee grows on trees.  When it is ripe and ready for picking, they look like cherries. When green they are unripe, when red they are ripe.

To get to the coffee beans we need to remove the outer layer of fruit from the cherry.

This fruit is also know as the pulp or cascara.

Previously thrown away or used as compost,¬†cascara is beginning to appear in speciality coffee shop as a dried fruit to be used as a herbal tea.¬† We can refer to it as ‘coffee tea’.

It tastes nothing like coffee, but it does contain caffeine.  The dried fruit typically smells of raisins.

As a hot brew, we steep the cascara in hot water, this softens the fruit and it will swell and soak up a high volume of water often doubling in size.

A typical cascara may be lightly acidic with lots of body leading to a very pleasing, refreshing,¬†winter warming drink that is quite unusual and favoured by many over many ‘traditional’ herbal teas.

The term “Speciality Coffee” or “Specialty Coffee” is becoming a more frequently used term, but what exactly is speciality coffee?

When I ask people how they could define speciality coffee or a speciality coffee shop, the usual responses are often;

  1. A nice milky coffee with lots of whipped cream and caramel sauce (or similar)
  2. A shop that uses a variety of beans / has a variety of bean on offer

Response 1 is most definitely wrong, whilst 2 if often a valid point, this isn’t speciality coffee.

‘Speciality coffee’ is an all encompassing term that covers many aspects.

First and foremost, of course the beans themselves are extremely important and ultimately will determine whether the coffee is nice or not.

Speciality coffee is everything from how and where those beans are grown, how they are nurtured and how they are harvested and processed.  Once the farmer has done their job, those beans are then the responsibility of the Speciality coffee roaster. Here there must be as much attention to detail as with the farmer to ensure a consistent and accurate roast.

The speciality coffee shop will source their speciality coffee bean from a speciality coffee roaster as they can be assured that they are purchasing premium grade speciality coffee beans.  The timely roasting and distribution of these beans is paramount to ensure freshness.

So subsequently it is the turn of the barista to ensure that all this attention to detail is not wasted.  The barista must ensure that the espresso is extracted accurately, the milk is textured appropriately and each respective drink created to the correct volume / ratio, poured and presented with care and love!

The speciality coffee barista will continually strive for perfection and ways to improve everything they do.

Whilst there are many more micro components that contribute to Speciality coffee, this is it in a nutshell.

The large High St coffee chains are not speciality coffee shops: where commercial / commodity grade coffee beans are used and general attention to detail is often non existent at the expense of speed, profits and targets.

Find out more about Speciality coffee and train to become a barista at Caffe & Co.

English and Irish breakfasts, Panini, toasties, omelettes, jacket potatoes, traditional French crepes, scoop ice cream and speciality coffee available at Caffe & Co. in Rainhill Village, close to Great Sankey Warrington. Call 0151 493 2332.

Full English and Irish breakfasts, bacon sandwiches, sausage sandwiches together with speciality coffee are available to eat in or takeaway at Caffe & Co. situated in Dane Court Rainhill close to Thatto Heath and St Helens.  Takeaway orders can be made on 0151 493 2332.

Caffe & Co. is a speciality coffee shop on the outskirts of Liverpool.  Established in 2011, Caffe & Co. was one of the first to establish itself as speciality coffee shop in the North West.  Since then, 5 yrs on, this is a rapidly growing sector that is beginning to threaten the inferior multiples.

Speciality coffee isn’t a latter with caramel and whipped cream, rather it is a term which encompasses attention to detail in every aspect of coffee, from growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and how it is subsequently extracted, served and presented to the customer.¬† This attention to detail covers many many aspects hence making the whole process so much more expensive and time consuming.¬† Good coffee takes knowledge, time and investment whilst poor coffee is simple and cheap to produce and replicate.

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